Sunday, 29 January 2017


Yayyyy I'm back writing about makeup again. Finally. I thought I would do a short 'n' snappy post about one product which I'm sure most people use as part of their makeup routine, which is powder.  You don't want to look all shiny right?!  Over the last few months I have been using this Soap and Glory one, called 'One Heck of a Blot' which is such a cool name!  I like Soap and Glory as a brand, particularly their body butters and shower gels, so I thought I would give their makeup a whirl.

It claims to have 'SHINE-BLOC' Technology which, to a certain extent, I think it does.  It definitely doesn't last 24 hours like it claims (although I haven't had it on for that long) but I would say after about 4 or 5 hours I need to put a bit more on.  As powders go, I think that's quite good to be honest.  

The powder itself is very finely milled which gives it a light texture and doesn't look cakey on the skin.  It also claims to be 'SUPER-TANSLUCENT' which I would agree with, you can barely see it over makeup.  It doesn't really give any coverage which I personally like, but if you are looking for a powder which offers this I wouldn't recommend this one.

It comes with a sponge which I threw away the day I got it as I never use them.  I don't think they give the best application.  I love using this powder with the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 100 Arched Powder Brush (bit of a mouthful!) which gives a gorgeous application.

I also like that this product comes with a mirror which is of a decent size. It is great for travel and makes it easy to apply on the go, or if I'm applying lipstick or something.  The packaging is also a good quality and doesn't feel flimsy.  I have chucked it in my handbag many a time and it has lasted very well. 

I have already hit pan on this product, which shows just how much I love it.  At £12 it's not the cheapest powder you can get at the drugstore, but I believe it is worth the investment as it does make my makeup last a lot longer and is great for day to day or in the evening with a heavier makeup look.  I normally use liquid foundation and it has worked beautifully over all of the ones I own. 

I would definitely recommend this product, and if you're looking for a powder which mattifies your skin but not in a cakey way, with no coverage, I think you should give this a go. 

Saturday, 21 January 2017


During my time at Western Carolina University I enjoyed visiting different areas in North Carolina.  One of my favourite places that I visited has to be Uptown Lexington, where my amazing friend Emily lives.  She kindly invited me to go home with her for a weekend to stay with her family.  I had the best time ever and I can't wait to show her where I live one day!

Emily took me to the pottery shop/cafe where she works.  It is the cutest place ever and the people who were working there were really friendly and showed me upstairs where the pottery is made.  They very kindly gave me a mug that was made there, which was so sweet of them.  This was in September, and the pottery shop was preparing for Halloween/Fall and created some adorable Witch's hats and pumpkin faces. 

We also went to a very quaint and retro sweet shop where I bought lots of American candy - they were delicious! It also had a really cute section in the back packed full of antiques.  There were some really interesting things which I would have wanted to buy but there was only so much room in my suitcase unfortunately!

We then walked around the shops.  I loved that pretty much all of the shops were cute independent ones which sold really interesting items and gifts.  Walking around had such a lovely and welcoming feel and everyone was so friendly.  

Lastly we visited the old Courthouse.  This was really interesting and you could feel its history as you walked around.  The building was beautiful.  

I loved visiting this place so much.  You could really feel its history and you could see its beauty.  I am so grateful for Emily and her lovely family for letting me stay with them - they were so caring and accommodating.  Being so far away from my home, they welcomed me into theirs.  I really want to go back and visit one day!